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Resume Reviews! Our first product.

April 11, 20242 min read

We see incredible opportunity to solve some of the biggest social challenges we have by combining high-performance computing and AI. - Lisa Su

The Idea Behind it:

Have you ever wondered what your resume is missing?

Well we certainly did so we did something about, we build our first app, allowing users to get their resume reviewed by AI.

This is great because its low cost and high reward. You are able to increase your chance of landing by 8% from an AI review along (according to this study by MIT).

Here is a link to it here

1. Future of Job Applications and AI's Role

As the quote above shows, AI is the future. Lisu Su the CEO of AMD thinks so, so do many of the worlds billionaires. It's changed a lot of industries already and it's starting to change the way the average person approaches their job applications. Today we are making a step into that market, by releasing the first version of our resume review tool. The aim is to provide valuable insight into the way your resume appears to recruiters and give your the biggest chance at landing the job of your dreams.

2. How we recommend you use it.

The best way to use our resume review tool is to use it multiple times. This may sound obvious but after you have implemented the first set of changes that you get, you can run your resume through the tool again, to receive a more refined review which focuses on getting your resume closer to our 10/10 (The rating system inside the tool).

3. About Us

The developers at CodeYard (The parent company of ChapterOne) have produced ChapterOne as a step into the SaaS world. Our goal in the SaaS world is to produce valuable services for users and replace services that were previously done by humans with powerful solutions that incorporate the use of leading AI models. Our design choices are aimed at creating a user friendly experience while still providing the modern design that's expected from most modern SaaS applications.


In conclusion, if you think you could benefit from it, give it a try. We would love to hear your feedback on how we can refine it further. Let us know by filling in this form here.

Regards, The CodeYard Team

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Joey Jooste

Co-Founder of CodeYard. Providing real value where possible. Sales, Marketing, Development.

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